This will contain instructions on how to use the spectrograph

Here is the manual for the Lihres III Spectrograph from Shelyak Instruments: User Manual

The spectrograph is used like any other component of the main telescope's imaging train (with a few exceptions, of course). The spectrograph is mounted onto the telescope using a screw in plate (like the Apogee), and oriented so that it extends away from the base of the telescope (needs further confirmation, but it seemed like this way, if the telescope drifted in RA, the source with move along the spectrograph slit). The Orion Starshoot Auto-Guider (SSAG) is mounted in the top port of the spectrograph (sits about 1.5mm from being pushed in all the way. Get a washer?). Focus the Orion SSAG on the slit of the spectrograph (insert pic) during the day and note its positioning on MaximDL (it helps to have the slit running horizontal/vertical so that your source just has to sit on the X or Y position). The focused Orion SSAG will be the guider, while the QSI is now used as the main imaging camera, mounted on the second port of the spectrograph (insert pic of adapters and things). Take an image of a lit sky, and if it is out of focus, you can remove one of the side panels from the spectrograph to reveal a collimation lens

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