Welcome to the MSU Observatory Research Program (MORP) Wiki![edit | edit source]

Telescope Logistics:[edit | edit source]

Observatory Schedule --- here's where you can sign up for a night of the week, and figure out who else is signed up for your night.

Observatory Rules (pdf)

Getting on Payroll

Instructions on Telescope Operation:[edit | edit source]

Opening Procedures

Calibration---Take calibration frames every time you observe.

Observing with Maxim DL

Using the Guider---using the auto-guider can help keep your stars in the same place on the CCD and enable long exposures.

Using the Spectrograph--- using the Lihres III spectrograph to obtain spectra of sources

Closing Procedures

Instructions on Data Analysis:[edit | edit source]

Image Calibration (Bias, Dark, Flat Correction)

Choosing Comparison Stars

Image Photometry

KELT Image Photometry

Submitting Your Data to AAVSO/CBA

Submitting Your Data to KELT

Composing an RGB image using AstroImageJ

Observe these Targets![edit | edit source]

Active Targets--- Focus on these!

Center for Backyard Astrophysics---This is the collaboration we participate in. Joe Patterson's emails on target recommendations are cached here.

AAVSO Alerts and Special Notices---Check here for recent celestial events that we might follow up.

Document your Observations:[edit | edit source]

Google Doc Log -- This public open log page for student observers.

End-of-Night Form-- Please fill this out every night you visit the Observatory.

Troubleshooting and FAQ:[edit | edit source]

If you have questions, concerns, or open notes you would like to add, feel free to submit them here!

Public Open House information:[edit | edit source]

Primary Observer (24") checklist -- List of instructions/procedures for manning the dome and operating the main 24" telescope during open houses.

Open House Suggested Targets

Using the Ground Telescopes -- (Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS)

Volunteer Spreadsheet -- Spreadsheet containing dates of future open houses and space to sign up to volunteer.

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Other MORP links:[edit | edit source]

Astrobite sign-up

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